O’EM Saab Repair of Parker

10235 S. Progress Way #3 & 4
Parker, CO 80134

Phone: 303-840-0992
Email: brian@oemsaab.com
Hours: Mon - Fri 7:30 - 5:00

With extensive training from SAAB and years of dealer experience we specialize in all model SAABs. Problems other shops may have with systems like Traction Control, Convertible Tops, V6 Engines, etc… are no problem for us.

The way to keep your SAAB running at its best is maintenance. O’EM can perform all SAAB recommended mileage services. We can do this for you faster and for less cost than a dealer can.

We stock BG Products . All our oil changes include BG MOA (Motor Oil Additive).

All repairs with new parts are warranted for one year, 12,000 miles parts and labor. Repairs with used parts are warranted for 90 days parts and labor.


OEM Saab is now offering a wide range of Saab high performance upgrades. We can customize high performance upgrades to your SAAB ranging rrom stage 1 tune ups to improved air fuel adjustments for high altitude (with horse power and torque improvements) to a 600+ horse power 11.3 second drag car & everything in between.

OEM Saab also offers high performance upgrades to engines, transmissions , exhaust systems, clutch systems, suspension improvements, Custom ECU Tuning and much more.

Call us today to see how we can turn your SAAB into a high performance vehicle.

Need to have your used SAAB inspected? Contact us HERE.